is used to relax muscles,
decrease pain, stimulate and
strengthen the immune
system and increase
circulation to nourish the
Massage Therapy
Kneading Knowledge
Massage has been around for centuries, even animal
massage.  Equine massage therapy is working on the
muscles of the equine body to condition, rehabilitate and/or
relax the horse.  The number one goal of massage therapy
is to have a pain free contraction of muscles.

The general purpose is to decrease swelling, having the
general benefits of touch, increase respiration and
metabolism plus relax or stimulate the nervous system and

Some treatments I use for a horse's condition are massage
therapy, hydrotherapy, and exercise therapy.  Some cases
when I use massage therapy are mechanical stress,
tension, trauma, overuse, or arthritis.
When I use massage I follow these
components: direction - going with the
hair and always towards a lymph area
to help waste materials in the body;
pressure - deep or light depending
what the horse can handle; rhythm -
you must be even, smooth, and
flowing; rate - slow equals soothing
and fast equals stimulating; and
duration - depends on what the horse
can handle, what is the vet's
diagnosis, and what the horse's